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There's No Place Like Homeownership.


Our quick and simple online application can be completed from virtually anywhere. Mobile, tablet, computer; if you can name it, you can apply from it. Through our secure website, you'll also be able to upload required documents and more. We truly offer a hands-free, almost paperless process.

  • What is prequalification?*
    Prequalification is an estimate of what you might be able to borrow. You will provide your lender with information about your income and assets, and sometimes will submit to a credit check. Your lender then gives you an estimate of your loan amount and loan program.
  • Should you get prequalified before searching for a home?
    100% yes. If your credit score and finances are already in order prior to your house hunt, the process goes much smoother. The prequalification process: Gather your personal financial information such as bank statements, W-2 forms and paycheck stubs and send them directly to us via our contact page or upload them through our secure website when you apply online. We will pull your credit report and evaluate your financial documents. With this information, we will be able to discuss the best home financing options for you. Once you're prequalified, we will send you a prequalification letter to show the realtor and seller that you are a serious potential buyer. This gives you a leg up when it comes to making an offer because the seller knows you have been prequalified to make an offer on theire home.
  • How does it benefit you?
    You will be able to shop with the confidence of knowing your exact price range. You can identify credit problems that can be addressed early in the lending process. You will typically have more negotiating power, as some sellers see more strength in offers from prequalified buyers. If you are self-employed or a commission-based buyer, prequalification can demonstrate financial backing if your income fluctuates more than those of salaried buyers. Prequalification gives first-time homebuyers the advantage of equalizing their offer with similar offers made by previous homeowners.
  • Do you have to pay for the process?
    No! All the more reason to use our site for mortgage information, to compare interest rates and various loans and for prequalification at no charge. Want to go one step further? Hit us up.

What are the benefits of getting pre-qualified?*

Want more buying power?

Apply online from anywhere, literally. Already found your dream home? Get prequalified so you have more buying power when making an offer.

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